Title Insurance

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Can my Title Company handle the Settlement?

Yes, in most areas of the country, Old Republic and its authorized, policy-issuing agents, act as a central clearing house for the parties involved – collecting necessary documents and providing customary settlement services. We are fully prepared to work with you from the beginning of your transaction to the end. When you work with Old Republic Title or its agents, you can be confident that you are working with professionals who are knowledgeable in handling successful real estate transactions.

At a minimum, you will want to have the following items complete or in hand when you come to closing (please confirm with your settlement officer, as practices vary by state):


    • Cashier’s check(s), certified check or wiring instructions for funds due to settle
    • Proof of purchase of homeowner’s insurance, if your lender requires the home to be insured
    • Photo identification (e.g. passport, drivers license, or state issued identification card)
    • Documentation required by lender, even if it has already been provided


    • Invoices for any unpaid taxes, utilities, assessments and the latest utilities meter readings
    • Receipts for paid taxes and assessments
    • Proof of satisfaction of any mechanics’ liens, mortgages, chattel loans, judgments or loans that were paid prior to the closing
    • Photo identification (e.g. passport, drivers license, or state issued identification card)
    • Cashiers check(s), certified check or wiring instructions, if you need to provide any funds to settle

    Get the Right Title Insurance

    Your lender requires that you purchase a loan policy to ensure that they have a valid, enforceable lien on the property. It does not protect you! Only the purchase of an owner’s title insurance policy provides protection against future loss if a covered claim against your property is made.