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Commercial and Residential Closing Services

Fox Ridge Abstract is a full service real estate title company with offices in Plains and Hazleton, Pennsylvania. We assist clients with commercial and residential real estate closings. We have decades of experience in real estate, tax, banking and lending, construction closings and 1031 exchanges, but most importantly, CUSTOMER SERVICE! We at Fox

Ridge Abstract seek to provide the best customer service to our clients of any other competitor anywhere!! We realize that the process of purchasing real estate can be intimidating to the new buyer and frustrating for the seasoned real estate professional. We at Fox Ridge Abstract provide full transparency in every step of the closing process in an effort to eliminate any potential fears experienced by new buyers. We also strive to continuously refine our process to streamline the closing experience for all buyers, thus removing any frustration a buyer may experience during the closing process. During the closing process we work directly with buyers, sellers, lenders, real estate professionals, including realtors, tax bureaus, title searchers, Recorders of Deeds, builders, contractors, and anyone else involved in the purchase of property. We pride ourselves in proactive, open lines of communication and dedication to our customers that goes “above and beyond” in all facets of the closing process.

Fox Ridge Abstract will serve clients in any County in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. We will attend closings anywhere, at any time and take the perception of “inconvenience” out of the question. We strive to provide superior customer service to our clients. We have access to a Pennsylvania licensed attorneys to address any and all legal issues that may arise throughout the entire closing process.

There have been lots of changes in the real estate markets throughout the last several decades, and the closing process has changed as well. State and local laws regarding the purchase and sale of real estate are constantly evolving. We have an unparalleled level of expertise in real estate. We, at Fox Ridge Abstract, pride ourselves in knowing the entire regulatory landscape on real estate and the closing process. Additionally, technology is always evolving and changing at rapid speed. This technology has benefitted our business in many ways. We understand the importance of technological advances as they pertain to the real estate closing process. We have invested in technology that will benefit and help us streamline our closing process. We are committed to putting resources behind technological advancements in order to remain a technological leader in the closing industry.